Publications and Links

Publications and Links

Below are some of CRED Research’s published research results.

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Book Chapters

Montreuil, M., Teachman, G., & Carnevale, F.A. (2019). Recognizing the voices of all children, including those with ‘cognitive impairments,’ in research. In M. A. Cascio & E. Racine (Eds.), Research Involving Participants with Impaired Cognition: Ethics, Autonomy, Inclusion, and Innovation (pp. 135-148). Oxford University Press.

Teachman, G., (2017). Optimizing interviews with disabled children and youth. In Liamputtong, P. (Ed.) Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences (pp. 1-18) Singapore: Springer.   

Gibson B. E., Teachman G, Hamdani Y. (2016). Development. In B. E.  Gibson, Rehabilitation: A post-critical approach (pp. 75-88). Boca Raton, US: CRC Press.

Selected Peer Review Publications

Reparon, R., Block, P., Fudge Schormans, A., Laliberte Rudman, D., & Teachman, G. (2024). Critiquing representations of intellectual disability in occupation-based literature. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 31(1), 2289897–2289897.
>View ‘Critiquing representations of intellectual disability…’ here.
Dash, M. J., Hamdani, Y., Laliberte Rudman, D., & Teachman, G. (2023). Representations of parenting autistic children: A critical interpretive synthesis. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1–15.

Mah K, Gladstone BM, Cameron D, & Reed N. (2022). Re/producing the Pediatric Concussion Discourse in clinical rehabilitation practice. Disability & Rehabilitation. 44(24): 7464-7474.

Mah K, Gladstone BM, Cameron D, & Reed N. (2021). Thinking otherwise: Bringing young people into pediatric concussion clinical and research practice. Brain Impairment. 23(1): 104-117.

Cascio, A., Motta-Ochoa, R., Teachman, G., Grond, F., Tembeck, T., Blaine-Moraes, S, & Park, M. (2020). What’s at stake with biomusic? Engaging the humanities and social sciences in the ethical reflections on an emerging technology. Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation.  

Facca, D, Gladstone, B., & Teachman G. (2020). Working the Limits of ‘Giving Voice” to Children: A Critical Conceptual Review, International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

>View ‘Working the Limits of Giving Voice’ here

Teachman, G., McDonough, P., Macarthur, C. and Gibson, B.E. (2020). Interrogating inclusion with youths who use augmentative and alternative communication. Sociology of Health and Illness, 42, 1108-1122.

Fadyl, J., Teachman, G., & Hamdani, S. (2020). Return to normal or social change? The impact of rehabilitation as a social practice. Disability & Rehabilitation, 42(20), 2959-2966.

Mah K, Gladstone B, King G, Reed N, Hartman LR. (2019). Researching experiences of childhood brain injury: Co-constructing knowledge through arts-based research methods. Disability & Rehabilitation. 42(20): 2967-2976.

Teachman, G., Lévesque, M., Keboa M. T., Danish, B. A., Mastorakis, K., Noronha, C., Passos dos Santos, R., Singh, H. K., & Macdonald, M. E. (2018). Group Peer Review: Reflections on a Model for Teaching and Learning Qualitative Inquiry. International Review of Qualitative Research, 11(4), 452-466.

Teachman, G., & Gibson, B. E. (2018). Integrating visual methods with dialogical interviews in research with youth who use augmentative and alternative communication. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 17(1).

Gerlach, A., Teachman, G., Rudman, D., Huot, S., & Aldrich, R. (2018). Moving beyond individualism: Critical perspectives in occupation-focused research and practice. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 25(1), 35-43.

Teachman, G., McDonough, P., Macarthur, C., & Gibson, B. E. (2018). A critical dialogical methodology for conducting research with disabled youth who use augmentative and alternative communication. Qualitative Inquiry, 24(1), 35-44.

Carnevale, F. A., Teachman, G., & Bogossian, A. (2017). A relational ethics framework for advancing practice with children with complex health care needs and their parents. Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing, 40(4), 268-284.

Articles and Editorials

Teachman, G., Passos dos Santos, R., Avery, S., Mastorakis, K., Noronha, C., Singh, H. K., & Macdonald, M. E. (2017, October 31). Commentary. Trends in Pediatric Palliative Care 2017, issue 11.

Teachman, G. (2017). Doing research with people who have communication impairments using photo elicitation methods [Streaming video, first invited submission to the collection]. Retrieved from SAGE VIDEO Research Methods.

Cox, E., Ferreira, K. P., Teachman, G. (2023, July 24). Childhood ethics: How can this new field of study guide research with children? RehabINK, Issue 15.

Press and Media

Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion, Lightning Talk – Is Inclusion always a ‘good thing’? Perspectives from youth with disabilities. Click here.

Newsletter Featured Profile in Brainstorm: a newsletter about ethics, neuroscience, and society. Institut de Recherche Cliniques de Montreal. Click here.

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Faces of U of T Medicine: Gail Teachman. Click here.

Dr. Gail Teachman awarded Governor General’s Gold Medal (June 2016) – Dr. Gail Teachman was awarded the prestigious Governor General’s Gold Medal for her PhD research on issues of inclusion and disability in childhood. The Governor General’s academic medal was created in 1873 to “encourage academic excellence across the nation. Over the years, they have become the most prestigious award that students in Canadian schools can receive.” Click here.

How ideas about ‘normal’ speech silence children – Blog Interview. Click here.  

Lower Extremity Review: PEDIATRICS: Improving gait without making kids feel ‘broken’ – A multi-disciplinary publication focused on pediatrics and the lower extremity. Click here.

Doing Research with People Who Have Communication Impairments Using Photo Elicitation Methods – SAGE Research Methods – Dr. Gail Teachman discusses her research on children and youth who have communication impairments. Click here.

Scientist uses drawing to reveal children’s perceptions of concussion – BLOOM: a magazine for parents and children with disabilities – Dr. Katie Mah discusses her research exploring how children and young people perceive concussion. Click here.