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CRED Research

Under the direction of Dr. Gail Teachman, Childhood Rehabilitation Ethics & Disability Research or CRED Research examines the broader social dimensions and relations that mediate health and well-being for disabled children and their families. Our transdisciplinary program of research aims to promote the participation, inclusion, and occupational possibilities of disabled young people, advancing knowledge of how their lives, identities, and moral experiences are influenced by healthcare and rehabilitation practices. We are committed to helping ensure that the views of children and youth living with disability or complex health conditions are elicited and taken into account in programs and services that directly impact their lives.

Using a range of qualitative methodologies and informed by critical disability studies, social theory, occupational and rehabilitation sciences, and childhood ethics, CRED Research helps expand understandings of how children and youth exercise their own agency as they navigate social conditions involving marginalization, exclusion, inequity, or injustice. To achieve these aims, CRED Research works to promote more inclusive and participatory methodologies for doing research together with young people.